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Serena Cevenini photography
[Photo by Serena Cevenini]

Hipster Hamsters are Wen-Wei (Uan) and Valeria (Xiao Fa).
He just wanted to travel around Europe, she wasn’t looking for anything serious. They met, fell in love and got married. And this is just the beginning!



None of Valeria’s Italian friends were able to remember neither pronounce Wen-Wei’s name. So Valeria thought of renaming him Uan for all the Italian people. Uan is a magenta hairy TV plushie from Valeria’s generation. Everybody in Italy knows Uan. Uan is not a plushie, he is an institution. So now nobody in Italy will ever forget his name.
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Xiao Fa


Nearly no Mandarin speaker can have easy life pronouncing the name “VA-LE-RIA”. Va doesn’t even exist as a sound. Le followed by R is basically an oxymoron. So Wen-Wei nicknamed Valeria Xiao Fa. Easy Peasy. Interesting fact: Wen-Wei mispronounced Valeria’s name even on the day of the wedding. YO.
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