Shake Shack



To be honest I had never tried Shake Shack before until Xiao Fa told me about it. She said they had the best chips ever. We went there together and I had a veggie burger and chips. I instantly became a fan, because it reminds me a lot of モスバーガー、Mos Burger –it’s a famous Japanese chain fast food restaurant in Asia. It’s also the only place where I prefer the vegetarian option over the meaty one!!

說實在的在還沒遇到小法之前我還真的沒吃過Shake Shack,她說這是她目前為止吃過最好吃的薯條了,還記的第一次她帶我去吃時,我點了一個素食漢堡套餐後,我就念念不忘了,而且口味跟感覺實在是讓我懷念起摩斯漢堡了,還有這也是我唯一可以接受素食漢堡的地方。

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